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welp, hot showers in the summer always lead to a little slightly dizzy feeling, but drinking water before and after helps, and hot showers definitely help with the shark week stuff. World of difference.

Now I’m just sitting around waiting for the sibs to be ready for Pacific Rim, using the wait to catch up on emails and such, because I will actually be shutting my computer down for this one.


My feet are actually predominately the color and texture of my skin! I will have to remember not to use it on the rest of me, because even when I think ‘well, this one’s not specifically for feet, I could use it to slough off some dead skin and sweat grime’, no. The oil part turned to grossness when I turned the water temperature down. On my feet, though, it worked miracles and felt wonderful. Also I smell like lavender and chamomile and freesia and mandarin and coconut, thanks to today’s bath products, so that’s nice. It works surprisingly well all together.


Today kind of gross and stress-and-cramps-filled. Can’t wait to get home and scrub the paint and sweat off and finally watch Pacific Rim. Also, my mom gets home tonight so it’ll be nice having her back.

Anonymous asked:

There are hundreds of thousands of vegans in poverty. Also, your personal issues with nutrition simply mean you didn't research vegetarianism right before committing to it, as there is no known medical condition requiring the consumption of meat. Your personal failures show correlation, not causation, and it would be appreciated if you stopped derailing conversations directed at the 99% of people who CAN go vegan. People like you that require disclaimers on every post are so annoying.

A) you clearly did not read my post, where I talked about my family’s struggles going vegan/vegetarian while in poverty. Obviously I know it’s possible, but I also know how difficult it is, and if we had had the medical expenses then that we have now, it would have been a choice between getting a balanced veg. diet and affording pills and doctor visits— ps, most of those? The vegetarian of the group, so do not tell me we wouldn’t need doctors if we didn’t eat meat, chronic illness is a huge factor in our day to day, and makes a not just affording but preparing fresh and healthy meals a struggle we deal with all the time.

B) if you are not my doctor, please fuck right off talking about my health, because you are not privy to the lists of food I have been told to eat or avoid.

C) derailing? I reblogged a friend’s post. I did not ask for disclaimers on every little post, I merely commiserated because I am one of the many people who struggles with eating in a way that supports my health and fits my limited income without hating myself for the compromises I do make. I don’t hate veganism, but I do hate when those who don’t eat vegan but don’t dismiss or insult the diets of others are shamed and shouted at. I hate rudeness and intolerance. Annoying is when someone comes into my inbox to anonymously cuss me out over my food choices, a thing I have a lot of problems with without you. I rarely post or reblog about these issues so I’m not gonna be all ‘don’t like don’t follow’, because I don’t feel it affects much here, but yeah. Just leave my health and diet be and I will do the same, okay? Becausey problem has never been with veganism.



Adventure time be knowing

Well, damn

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i made an aesthetic generator now you can discover urself

3liza asked:

i get noticeably ill within a few days or weeks of cutting out animal protein from my diet, and my family is the same. my mom is a vegetarian but got sick when she stopped eating fish and dairy for a while, and had to start eating it again. for a lot of people its the opposite and thats great, but genetics and physical bodies play such a huge role in what we are able to thrive on!


I just try to feel good enough about what I do and don’t eat, animal product-wise. I mean, like, a pig would eat you if it could so bacon is fair game, right? Actually, mostly I just… don’t eat anything too cute/young. Prefer to get my eggs from people I know who keep chickens because I know those chickens live happy, safe chicken lives… pay attention to what’s sustainable.

I get pissed off at vegans who are anti-honey, since beekeeping helps save bees as a species. (but then, I’m allergic to honey, so /shrug. Another difference between personal dietary needs/restrictions and what I feel is right to do)




You can still adore animals and not be a vegan, just letting you all know.

f i n a l l y someone said it. all my life, i’ve had to deal with vegans telling me that my eating, funding the torture of, supporting the captivity of, and use of animals…

reminder that some of us can’t afford to be vegan, either monetarily or in terms of time commitment, access to vegan nutrition (grocery deserts), or because our food requirements are dependent on our physical or mental illnesses. since these issues intersect most of the time, dismissing them with “you must not like animals enough, try harder” is a mistake. it’s an easy mistake to make, but a lot of those people are extremely upset about not being able to eschew animal products, but are forced by their economic circumstances to live in ways they do not morally agree with. this is what capitalism is.


For me it was health— we were managing to do okay being below the poverty line and on a diet that severely limited animal products, when I was growing up (the family went on the MacDougal diet when I was a kid and it was actually around that time that I developed most of my persistent food issues, both mental/emotional and physical/medical, so… what’s healthy for some can be damaging to others). I really wanted to be a vegetarian when I was young, but I couldn’t. I got sick, I gained a lot of weight while poor and vegetarian, no energy, digestive problems, spiraling depression… I’m not saying eating chicken solved all my problems, but it definitely makes existing in my physical body easier.

PS the fact that a family of five living below the poverty line was able to subsist on a nearly vegan vegetarian diet? I consider something of a miracle. A lot of foods were cheaper then, but there were fewer choices and aside from staples, the quality of vegan foods was so much worse.


Some cuties created by Andrew McIntos.



I need to show this to my sister.



I need to show this to my sister.


She had curves in all the wrong places - some of them cast a 3-dimensional shadows, still others hummed a low, discordant note as they flitted about like flies. She was nothing like other girls - she was an abomination from the 6th plane of torment


Oriental Shorthair (Wikimedia)


Oriental Shorthair (Wikimedia)

conversation snippet, related to recently-reblogged Cat Interview

AnnetheCatDetective: His look of surprise!
cosmic.tuesdays: Cecil asking someone that in Night Vale.
cosmic.tuesdays: On-the-street interviews.
AnnetheCatDetective: YES
cosmic.tuesdays: “I fail to see how that impacts my views on local tax policy!”
AnnetheCatDetective: Which I’m sure Cecil would consider a fair enough response.
AnnetheCatDetective: Though he might commit the faux pas of asking to rub the interviewee’s belly.
cosmic.tuesdays: HISS
cosmic.tuesdays: SCRATCH
AnnetheCatDetective: “Reporters were denied the opportunity to rub Mr. Smith’s fluffy belly, or to scratch behind his widdle ears.”
cosmic.tuesdays: Ha! Perfect.
AnnetheCatDetective: “Reporters want to make it clear that it is Mr. Smith’s right to refuse belly rubs, no matter how soft he looks, or how cute it would be to just pick him up and cuddle him and kiss his pink nose. Reporters are not upset, or disappointed, by the loss of this opportunity.”