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#1 worst place to be autistic: temporarily alone in the airport



remember when i was mad about shapewear? i went to buy pantyhose today and they dont sell small sizes at walmart 

this is what i am talking about!!!!!!

I see extra smalls left over at Target a lot where I am, but I know stuff in stock isn’t super consistent. Still, in my area, when anything in the tights/leggings/hose aisle makes it to clearance, there’s definitely more XS than larger sizes, even if there are more mediums overall.


Not my otp but I ship it =v=

And that’s how benny got arrested for littering. Paper stars… paper stars EVERYWHERE.

gcbc secretly kept a few and has them on his desk

I SHIP IT. Also they look great in that palette.

cosmictuesdays asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (not back to me, i did it already). Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity! (◠‿◠✿)

(I always feel awkward sending these to people but I mean I encourage everyone who sees this to come up with a list of nice things about themselves, I’m just always weird and shy about going into people’s inboxes but anyway, gonna do the thing)

1) I am really good at Jeopardy!.

2) I love my hair and I think it’s pretty.

3) I try really hard to be the person Mr. Rogers would want me to be.

4) On the whole, I’m a pretty great baker, and when I do wind up with a flop, I learn from it so that I can be successful on the next attempt.

5) I’m hilarious.

cosmictuesdays asked:


The first character I first fell in love with: Heavy, via his ‘Meet the’ short.
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Soldier.
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Well… I can’t really think of one. Everybody has some people who love ‘em and some who hate them… but I will say I love Scout the least, and the ways he’s been most popularly portrayed in various fanworks are generally what I like the least.
The character I love that everyone else hates: Again, see above, but oh Spy, it was so nice to be proven right about believing that Spy’s not a total asshole and that he does care about his team even if he also really hates them a lot of the time. Sure, he is an asshole, but despite his best efforts, he has a heart.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: THIS WILL NEVER BE APPLICABLE, MY LOVE IS FOREVER
The character I would totally smooch: Spy. Sniper. Medic. Demo. Heavy. Engie. Maybe Pyro. Possibly Soldier.
The character I’d want to be like: Well, I wouldn’t want to be too much like any of them, as they are all… you know, killers. But there are aspects of each merc (and Pauling!), you know, traits that I consider admirable. So in small ways, everybody, but at the same time, nobody.
The character I’d slap: Well, probably Scout, if only because I’m not one of his fried chicken tramps.
A pairing that I love: Sniper/Spy. Among many.
A pairing that I despise: Sniper/Scout. Not only because it goes against my OTP, but because so often I’d seen it used as an excuse for various cliches that put one or both of them so far out of character. I try to avoid it now so I don’t know what current trends, if any, are for the pairing, and maybe it’s not so bad now. (It’s not the inherently squickiest pairing to me, it’s just one that when I was new to the fandom, I saw a lot of kind of terrible stuff for, even before I discovered Sniper/Spy). Anyway, I hope that there are better fanworks for them now, as I have nothing against other people creating for and enjoying the pairings I don’t like. It just turned me off when I was new.

Last day at home before flying and I ruin my nails cleaning up so much cat pee. Knowing that cats pee and that they need to be cleaned up after regularly, I probably should have not painted my nails until after checking ‘their’ room for massive urine reservoirs, but I was doing it to make myself feel better after that muscle-pulling incident and to sort of do something calming before I got up the strength to finish up the last-minute housework…

going to bed (wow it is late) but whenever I get the chance I will continue to answer questions about fandoms!

Part of the last-minute pre-leaving-for-Oregon errands? Buying this little guy so that my phone charger wouldn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s or left behind while I’m staying with family.

My sister and I thought it would be hilarious if I could just get a forced-perspective picture of him with the postcard my mom got me when she was at her school psych conference in Las Vegas, but both attempts were really fuzzy and had too much chair, because I just couldn’t hunker down to get a good one and then stand up again after.

Someday I will get a good forced perspective picture of him chomping on something.


Miss cottontail making her debut as ambassador for her species.


Something about these critters makes them always bunnies, never rabbits, to me.


Something about these critters makes them always bunnies, never rabbits, to me.


Hello bunny!  Sanford, NY


Hello bunny!  Sanford, NY


I think I pulled one of those super thin little strips of muscle right over my sternum. It’s definitely surface, you know, muscle-level pain, but it hurts when I move my torso in certain ways and when I breathe. Usually it only hurts my lungs when I breathe, and only when my asthma is acting up.

Did this come from wearing a really crappy bra? What is going on here?


Pacific Rim Au where everything is the same except this is Newt’s Jacket