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Return to the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters by robd2003

Rainbow Dash | Rarity v2(also v1 not pictured) | Twilight Sparkle

Pinkie Pie | Fluttershy | Applejack

MLP humanized Mane Six as Level 1 D&D Characters. I know I’ve seen the seriously epic and amazing group action picture before but couldn’t find it in my past posts. In any case, I know for certain I haven’t posted the individual character sheets! This is still by far one of the coolest, thoughtful, and detailed humanized and crossover designs I’ve seen!

Yes good.

Rarity holy fuck.

I really love this. A lot of thought was put into fitting their personalities with the classes and outfits.

There was a superhero one that kept popping up on my dash a while back, and the work was beautiful, but several of the outfits didn’t fit their personalities. I mean, look, I’m fine with tits hanging out where appropriate, and I could see some of the mane 6, if human, not caring about that so much. Rarity might even use it to her advantage. But Fluttershy’s looked… not like something she was comfortable in. And all it got was praise, and on a technical level it deserved praise, and a lot of thought was taken with the powers and such, but I just could not get over how… how not quite right half the designs were, and I just couldn’t enjoy it.

This I love everything about, though. I mean, I might have made Fluttershy a cleric instead of a druid, but I can definitely see the logic behind druid and I still think it’s a solid choice for her. Also I’m a hardcore D&D geek, so…

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    Yeah, now these are really cool. I wish I knew how to play tabletop games… or knew people that would play them with me…
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    Fluttershy you are looking perfectly cast today. Check that, you all are looking pretty perfect today.
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    SO AWESOME! Now make this into a RPG that I can play :P
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    Dear lord the crossover I never knew I wanted